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Learn how to manage a thriving community of 100s to 100,000s of members across contributor and user communities.

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Jason is a sharp, kind, and helpful expert in community-led strategy. He answered many questions when building our first DevRel team and advised how to measure community activities' impact with the right metrics.
Tanay Pant
Tanay Pant
Frm Head of Developer Relations,
Jason is genuine in his work with the developer community, as he understands developers' needs and their motivation for contributing to communities.
Ray Paik
Head of Community, Cube Dev
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8 tips for running a virtual hackathon

8 tips for running a virtual hackathon

Reach new developers and engage with your existing community through virtual hackathons. Hackathons are events where developers, product managers, designers, and others come together to tackle problems over a short time period...

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4 ways open source gives you a competitive edge

4 ways open source gives you a competitive edge

Using open-source technology can help organizations drive better business outcomes. Building a tech stack is a major decision for every organization. While picking the right tools will set your team up for success picking the wrong...

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3 reasons to contribute to open source now

3 reasons to contribute to open source now

Now, more than ever, is the ideal time to contribute to open source. Here’s why. Open source software has taken over the world. From the early days of Linux and MySQL, open source is driving innovation like never before, with more than 180,000 public...

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